Call for a book chapter about competitive advantage, strategy, and innovation in Africa
14 février 2022

Call for a book chapter about competitive advantage, strategy, and innovation in Africa

The health crisis that we are experiencing has made everyone understand that innovation is essential to the evolution of the human species. The African continent, whose challenges are growing daily, needs it more than ever to overcome its backwardness. A dynamic that it is necessary to do by drawing inspiration from the failures of our predecessors in terms of economic and social development in order to implement sustainable innovations.
It is with this spirit, driven by an aspiration to contribute to this new dynamic with research that I am delighted to share with you this call for a book chapter of Taylor & Francis Group. The call is about competitive advantage, strategy, and innovation in Africa.
Issues & Applications).

You have work in progress on the following main themes:

1- Covers Management and Marketing techniques for data analysis.
2- Investigates value creation strategies through empirical studies in dynamic environments.
3- Incorporates the latest methodologies and challenges facing value creation and changing competitive environments.
4- Examines change strategies and disruption management topics and their real-world consequences.
5- Discusses management analysis and its importance in providing effective business strategies through appropriate strategic tools.
We will be honored to co-build this knowledge with you. For my part, I will contribute to this work in collaboration with my young researcher mentees on two themes:
The co-construction of a sustainable business model through a collective deliberation method between potential stakeholders of a new agricultural funding model and
A collective approach of co-construction of a tablet to improve access to education in rural areas

Find the full call in the PDF below

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